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Below are some of the questions parents ask me to address in my clinical work with them and their teenagers. I would be happy to discuss these or any other concerns you might have:

Academic Performance

  • How can I get my teenager to earn better grades?
  • Can my teen learn to be more confident when taking tests?
  • Is it possible for my son to improve his attention and get organized?
  • How can I get my daughter back to school?
  • What do I do about a motivation problem? My teen doesn’t seem to want to grow up.

Coping and Mood Issues

  • Does my son have a drug/alcohol problem?
  • My daughter doesn’t like the way she looks. How can I help her?
  • My son spend lots of time with friends who get into trouble. What do I do about that?
  • I think my daughter cuts herself. Is she depressed?
  • How do we help our kids cope with our divorce?

Parent-Child Relationship

  • My kid won’t talk to me. How do I find out what’s going on?
  • Why is my son so angry and disrespectful?
  • How can my teen and I get along better?
  • I’m divorced and my son won’t spend time with his father. How do I get them together?
  • Why does my daughter refuse to answer my phone calls, emails, and texts?

Structuring and Disciplining

  • How do I get my adolescent to do what I ask?
  • How should I punish for refusal to comply?
  • How much pressure should I put on my teen to get his schoolwork done and turned in?
  • Should I let my teenager come and go as he pleases just because he’s 18?
  • How can I get my child to cut back on playing video games, surfing the Internet, or texting?

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